Intro to Tantric Sex&Practices for Aware Union

Intro to Tantric Sex&Practices for Aware Union

Embodied Erotic

  • Excited to create more passion and desire in your lovemaking?
  • Interested in Tantric techniques allowing you to connect the sacred together with your sex?
  • Wondering just how to bring more pleasure that is orgasmic your intimate expression?

Tantra approaches lovemaking as a religious training. This implies intercourse is a path to heal our wounds, fulfill our shadow, experience to expanded states of conscoiusness, and awaken to your nature that is true of. Come find out how to harness your intimate power as gas for religious growth. Tantric lovemaking doesn’t have objective beyond understanding – it is maybe not about performance, conquest, providing, getting or some of the array other reasons we now have intercourse. In reality, the practice involves eliminating all objectives, ideas, and objectives and alternatively stepping into the spontaneous current minute. Beyond the whole tales and opinions by what sexual intercourse means, we become certainly alive.

In this workshop, you will discover:

Tantric ritual that is lovemaking how to create the sacred to your lovemaking

Tools for male-bodies to unlock revolution after revolution of numerous orgasm that is non-ejaculatory

The 7 main forms of female-bodied sexual climaxes and just how to enhance your orgasmic capability

And you also shall have the invite to see:

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